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"Castle Hayne, NC: Elevating Homes with Gutter and Patio Cleaning Services"

Castle Hayne, NC: Elevating Homes with Gutter and Patio Cleaning Services

As Max Luke, owner of Cheer Experience, my day began early at 4 AM. I started with some peaceful time, a rejuvenating workout, and a hearty breakfast with my family. Shortly after, I attended an early morning marketing meeting to ensure our cleaning company's reputation continued to shine.

After the meeting, it was time to hit the road and head over to Lewis's place in Castle Hayne. He's a regular customer, and we have a great rapport. I always ask for his permission to document our work, and, as usual, he kindly gave his approval.

Upon arrival, I set up my camera and got to work cleaning the gutters. Once I addressed those trouble spots, I made my way to the back of the house to repair an overflowing downspout, a simple fix.

Unexpectedly, we decided to tackle the beautiful back patio as well. While doing a walkthrough before starting the service, I informed Lewis that we also offer cleaning for Concrete, Decks & More..He was excited because his patio was very dirty. However, because I had been out of business for the past two months due to an injury, my trailer was not prepared for pressure washing work. So, I had to pause my work, leave the site, and head to my chemical supplier and equipment provider, TChem, to bring my trailer up to the required standards.

But the day threw me another curveball. As I left TChem and was heading back to Lewis's place, I accidentally dislodged my soft wash gun from the roof of my truck near the shop. Fortunately, the folks at TChem found the soft wash gun and brought it to me free of charge.

With everything in order, I could finally start pressure washing the patio. I took care to protect the landscaping with bleach neutralizer and applied the necessary chemicals to the stone surface, letting them dwell. In the meantime, I readied my surface cleaner, eagerly anticipating the transformation.

The best part of the job is witnessing a worn-out patio transform into a beautiful piece of art, just as it was intended to be. Mr. Lewis was delighted with the results, and I couldn't be happier. He even left a 5-star review for our services, which filled me with a sense of accomplishment. Providing for my family and growing my business while maintaining integrity and diligence is what it's all about.

But perhaps the most rewarding part of the day was getting to know Lewis better. Building friendships and creating lifelong clients is what truly makes this business special. It's a privilege to connect with people like him, who have a wealth of experience and stories to share. That's what makes each day in the cleaning business truly fulfilling.

Service provided: Concrete, Decks & More..

Location: Castle Hayne, NC

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