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Spotless Satisfaction: Window and Driveway Cleaning in Castle Hayne

Spotless Satisfaction: Window and Driveway Cleaning in Castle Hayne

I'm Max Luke, the owner of Cheerier Exteriors. Today's mission was to knock out some Residential Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning in Castle Hayne, NC. I had the pleasure of cleaning Ray and Julietta's driveway and windows. Ray, who owns Stricklands L.P. Gas in Castle Hayne, and I share an interesting background as both of us were amateur boxers in our younger days and have now become successful entrepreneurs.

The day started with a bit of a hiccup for me. I was running late because I got caught up repairing my screen cleaner and, in my rush, I forgot to grab the screen cleaner from my truck. This made me arrive a little later than planned. Luckily, Ray and Julietta, our regular clients, were understanding and flexible.

This marked our second regular cleaning session for them, and their pebble stone concrete driveway was in need of some attention. We were tasked with doing a full window cleaning as well. Before getting started, I approached Julietta to request permission to take pictures for my marketing purposes. She graciously agreed, recognizing the importance of such exposure for small businesses.

After setting up my equipment, I began the work. First, I removed all the screens and raised the blinds. The windows were locked and sealed, ready for a makeover. Next, I set up my pressure washing equipment for the driveway. It's crucial to begin with pressure washing before the window cleaning to avoid overspray on the freshly cleaned windows.

However, as I started cleaning the driveway, I encountered my second obstacle of the day: the o-ring on my pressure washer blew out. I had to make a quick trip to TChem, my supplier for chemicals and equipment, to purchase a new one. Once I returned to the Riverbluffs neighborhood, I was finally able to clean the driveway and then move on to the windows.

Due to this unexpected delay, I fell behind schedule and couldn't complete the entire job in one day. I managed to finish the driveway and the exterior of the windows and screens, but that was all. I headed home, planning to return the next day to tackle the interior of the tracks and screens. Thankfully, the rest of the job went smoothly.

Ray and Julietta were very understanding and appreciative. They even took a picture with me for social media and loved the thank-you gifts I left for them. It's truly wonderful to have such great clients who appreciate the effort we put into making their homes shine

Location: Castle Hayne, NC

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