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Total Pressure Washing Facelift - Country Home in Burgaw, NC

Total Pressure Washing Facelift - Country Home in Burgaw, NC

As the owner of Cheerier Exteriors, I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Polinski, a dear friend from church, at her picturesque home in Burgaw, NC. The sun shone brightly as we chatted about her desires for a thorough property clean-up. I explained our estimate process, ensuring she felt comfortable with every step. Taking measurements and discussing the scope of work, I assured her that an official estimate would be on its way within 24-48 hours.

A couple of days later, with Linda's approval in hand, our crew arrived at her residence. The day promised efficiency and transformation. Our crew diligently moved the outdoor furniture for a nominal fee, securing windows and doors tightly. We started with the concrete surfaces, which required some care to regain their former luster. Then came the delicate task of softwashing the white vinyl picket fence, ensuring no damage was done.

The highlight of the day was the impressive horseshoe-shaped driveway, multiple sidewalks, patio pavers, and the vast back patio with its BBQ station. Our team worked seamlessly, progressing through each area methodically, leaving nothing but cleanliness in their wake.

As we rounded off the project by housewashing the single-story home with its white vinyl siding, I couldn't help but feel pride in our crew's exceptional performance. The property that hadn't seen a good clean in years was now radiant. The transformation was so striking that even Linda's retired husband was thrilled with our work.

The challenges faced during the job were minor but tackled with expertise. A sparkplug acting up momentarily threatened the workflow, but swift repair and good preparation had us right back on track. The job was completed on schedule, reaffirming the competence of our team and our dedication to our clients.

Upon completion, I had the opportunity to speak with Linda once more. Her gratitude and enthusiasm were palpable as she expressed her satisfaction with the end result. As a testament to our quality work, she mentioned that her adult children, living on either side of the property, were eager to have us handle their exterior cleanings as well.

With a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that we had successfully restored the property's charm, I left Burgaw, NC, with a smile. The experience with Linda Polinski and her family was a shining example of the positive impact Cheerier Exteriors could bring to the community through house washing, pressure washing, and softwashing services.

Location: Burgaw, NC

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